A Little Update On What I’m Up To

Hi all,

At the moment I’m occupying my free time with going back over The Christmas Exhibition and rewriting it. It’s quite embarrassing to see some of the OTT sentences – and sometimes entire paragraphs – I’d put in rather pointlessly. So I’m ruthlessly removing them. On other occasions, I’m writing paragraphs entirely from scratch. So overall the novel is becoming considerably shorter, but I believe it makes it a better read.

If you’ve already bought The Christmas Exhibition, you should be able to download the rewritten version absolutely free from the original place of purchase.

And for new readers, I hope you enjoy this first (chronological) novel to feature the characters of Matt and Jill.

Take care,

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Huge Week-Long Sale on ALL 9 of my novels

ALL BOOK PRICES CUT TO $2.99, £1.99 AND €2.99!

Ol’ VT has been feeling the January blues, which has only intensified my interest in change. So you read the headline right, folks, I’ve decided to spice up the next week with 2 dollars off, 2 euros off and 1 pound off all my books on Amazon. They won’t let me sell any cheaper than these prices, so what more can I do?

But wait, you’re telling me you buy your books elsewhere. Fear not, for I’ve instructed Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords and all the others to list at the exact same price.

Click this link http://viewauthor.at/VTVaughn to be taken to your country’s Amazon page.

Please take advantage of these reductions while they last. 1 week only!

Take care,

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The Unmarried Cuckold available for pre-order now!

Mr. and Mrs. William McLintock request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Jillian Elizabeth McLintock to Mr. Matthew Wilkins-Kelly.

Reserve your seat for the wedding of the year.

The Unmarried Cuckold is available now for pre-order at Amazon.


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January 11th 2015 Release for The Unmarried Cuckold

Happy new year all,

Just a quick update to announce that The Unmarried Cuckold will be published on 11th January, and is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

More news to come soon.

Good luck for 2015,

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The Unmarried Cuckold 1st Draft Finished

It certainly took longer to write than any of the previous books, but finally The Unmarried Cuckold is finished (the first draft, that is), clocking in at a whopping 35 chapters.

I can barely believe I’ve finished it. It’s actually quite scary, and there’s nothing I can say about how I feel without coming at all too close to spoiling the ending.

Please, when it is published, refrain from posting any spoilers here or anywhere else. Yes, of course you can discuss the ending but please try to be careful not to give it away to anyone who won’t have read it. Some readers will start book 1 long after you’ve finished book 6.

Here is the provisional book cover. I hope you like it.


Take care,
VT Vaughn

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Final Chapter of The Unmarried Cuckold

Hello everyone,

First of all a huge apology for my silence on the blog. I genuinely hadn’t realised so much time had passed between my last post and this. I hadn’t expected The Unmarried Cuckold to take so long to write, but I don’t have the same free time as I had before to indulge in writing.


I will try harder next term (year).

As things stand, I’ve just finished writing chapter 34 of The Unmarried Cuckold, leaving me only one more to write. Chapter 35 is the big day in Matt and Jill’s lives. What a journey it’s been for them, via the various books. I don’t want to say anything more, for fear of jeopardising you, the reader’s, imminent experience.

I’ll try to get as much rewriting as possible done as soon as the first draft is finished and deliver the final, published article THE UNMARRIED CUCKOLD as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and your interest. I sincerely hope book 6 in the series is worth the wait.

Take care, merry Christmas,
VT Vaughn

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The Unmarried Cuckold Latest

Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished writing Chapter 23 of The Unmarried Cuckold, clocking the first draft’s word count now at just over 70,000. I hope you’re all hotly anticipating the sixth installment in the series. As things stand in the story (where I am) there’s one week to go until the wedding, and we WILL get the wedding in this book. I’m not going to leave you all hanging before it.

Matt and Jill’s relationship seems as complicated as ever, yet somehow they both appear to be understanding how – both naturally and unnaturally – they can complete each other. Jill is broken by a past very different to Matt’s, yet something in his life’s experiences have led him to appreciate the ways Jill seems unable to change.

And that’s all I’m spoiling for now on this one.

Take care folks,

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