First Draft Finished

And relax… Well, I’ve just finished the first draft of The Uncertain Cuckold, clocking in at 91,826 words. I say first draft, but the first 55,000 words were written late 2009 to early 2010, then I forgot about it and did other things which needed to be done at the time. There was a lot of alcohol and decadence involved. It was great, but also terribly self-destructive. There’s no downer like an alcohol downer. Having said that, I know fuck all about drugs so what would I know?

Ahem. I blame a stunning brunette. Yeah, it was her fault!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I began to rewrite those first 55,000 words of what is now The Uncertain Cuckold and just 2 weeks ago started to write from scratch the remaining chapters. In just those 2 short weeks I have contributed another 37,000 words, resulting in a 16 chapter novel of erotic filth.

I’m proud of it. The workrate, if nothing else. I think it’s well written. I think the angst and the arousal comes – cums har har – across as legitimate. It might not have the riches and spoils of a Christian Grey, but it has a proper, defined female character in Jill. A woman who discovers her inner slut. Her inner whore. Her inner need to dominate and be dominated – though both exclusive of the other – and her need to cuckold her man. Holding my hands up and admitting I’ve read Fifty Shades, I have to say I was bored with the main female lead in it. She sounded aesthetically attractive, but internally awful. While Jill is a mindfuck, if I ever met one. And I’ve met several.

I’m biased, but what the hell?

So here I am with a well-deserved glass of red wine and hot water ready for a bath. It’s kind of a Sunday evening tradition. Tomorrow I will begin to rewrite chapters 10-16 (the recently written ones) and a few days from now I will – hopefully if no more are required – begin a final re-read/write of the entire novel.

And, if I maintain my target, two weeks or less from now The Uncertain Cuckold will be available for sale on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle.

Thank you for reading,

V T Vaughn

If you haven’t purchased a copy of The Uncertain Cuckold, but would be interested (why not at least download a free sample?) please click one of these sites to be taken directly to the vendor, or Smashwords. The Uncertain Cuckold is also available at


About vtvaughn

Author of erotic fiction. The Uncertain Cuckold and The Christmas Exhibition. Themes include 3somes, 4somes, domination, submission, voyeurism, exhibitionism and cuckolding.
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