The Rewriting Process

Greetings, readers and writers,

I’ve read books and blog posts on rewriting. I’ve taken creative writing classes and joined in writing groups both online and off. The advice is always the same… EMBRACE the rewrite!

Which sounds like good advice. Hell, it is good advice. But I also find the rewriting process one of the most demoralising processes. It doesn’t matter if I go for several paragraphs, proudly finding my work flowing without need nor necessity for change… Sooner or later I hit a brick wall of… Well, bollocks.

You know what I mean. The part of your writing that suddenly divebombs into a depression of a daunting, haunting horrible mess. The more you look at it, the more you re-read over it, the worse it becomes.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I sometimes write the paragraph(s) from scratch when I’ve lost all patience with doing a patch job. Sometimes I feel like writing a whole chapter anew (though the motivation is often missing).

There MUST be a happy medium.

All writers suffer THE CURSE. The time when you look at your work and you just hate it. You can’t see how anyone could ever appreciate it. Why anyone would ever appreciate it. And so you lose all sense of belief in the questions of if or will anyone ever appreciate it.

I don’t think I’ve found my happy medium yet. I probably never will. I believe the loss of belief in your work really is a curse all writers must live with. It’ll never leave us. Of course, we won’t always think all of our work is awful. But there will be times when we become analytical, in all likelihood over-analytical, and can no longer see the forest for the trees.

So, the only moral I can see is that you should never quit. Keep going. No matter what. The harder you push yourself should be as – in fact more – important than how hard you judge yourself.

Your work is a medium. There comes a time when you must put it out there to be judged. As I intend to soon with my novel, The Uncertain Cuckold, which I am currently rewriting.

And now as I conclude this blog, I realise it’s time to go back to the beginning and check it over for any mistakes/improvements. Dare I approach this as a rewrite?

PS Yes, I made several minor changes – denting my confidence!

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About vtvaughn

Author of erotic fiction. The Uncertain Cuckold and The Christmas Exhibition. Themes include 3somes, 4somes, domination, submission, voyeurism, exhibitionism and cuckolding.
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