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Hi all,

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to buy, review and recommend my novels The Christmas Exhibition, The Uncertain Cuckold and The Unwilling Cuckold. You people are sensational. I could not do this without you. My gratitude goes out to each and every one of you.

After publishing The Unwilling Cuckold (The Uncertain Cuckold, #2) on February 8th 2013, I have been working simultaneously on two novels. Here are the details.

Sensual, Intimate & Explicit Swinging is another stand-alone novel featuring Matt and Jill, the couple from The Uncertain Cuckold series. It is set three years into their relationship, and plotted in 5 parts. Part 1 sees Matt and Jill on a night out together in a club. Jill drinks, dances and flirts, all with Matt’s encouragement. But Matt has a plan. A plan inspired by events he recalls in flashes in Part 1. These flashes take us back to Matt and Jill going to the house of another couple, Gary and Jen, for their first night of proposed swinging. Readers of The Uncertain Cuckold will know that Matt went to the bathroom, and when he came downstairs his girlfriend Jill was naked on her knees sucking Gary’s cock. But what happened next? In Sensual, Intimate & Explicit Swinging, we find out everything! And that’s only Part 1!

Sensual, Intimate & Explicit Swinging original cover

Parts 2, 3, 4 and 5, I have to say, I’m keeping under wraps. For reasons of spoiler alerts obviously. I hope you will all enjoy the book much more this way when it comes out in a few weeks’ time.

The other novel I have been working on is titled Jill’s Dirty Bedtime Stories. It is an anthology of short stories, all of which feature Jill. Some are tales retold to Matt from her past, and others occur in their present (whenever that may be). It is not necessary to have read any of my other novels to enjoy this anthology. It does however supply a cracking background to an already interesting character.

Of the stories I have written so far for the anthology novel, the plots include the following –

Jill taking a train trip to Dublin, sharing a compartment with a young, horny couple.

Jill meeting a gentleman at a garden centre who thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. The difference about this story is that it is told entirely in dialogue by Jill. There is no internal narrative from Matt. We do not hear his thoughts or feelings. All we get is Jill’s telling of her story, her opinions and her reluctance. Also, it is split into several parts, spliced throughout the book. It’s an experiment, but one I’ve particularly enjoyed writing specifically because it is so different.

The master from Jill’s past, the man she swears she will never identify, appears, in one particular story tying Jill up while allowing her only to wear tights/pantyhose.

Jill and Matt take a camping trip with McIntyre, one of Matt’s army mates, and his buxom girlfriend Shelley. They play truth or dare around the camp fire, eliciting both confessions and actions from Jill in particular.

An 18-year-old Jill in a nun’s outfit. No futher details!

I have planned out many more. I just haven’t had the time to write them all yet. I believe in quality above quantity, and yet I consider myself very productive in length (deliberate innuendo).

So stay tuned for two upcoming novels in the next few weeks / months, and then it will be all systems go on the third book in The Uncertain Cuckold series, the follow-up to The Unwilling Cuckold, which has been titled The Undefeated Cuckold.

Thank you all, V T Vaughn!

My published novels are available below.

The Uncertain Cuckold – 2012 (Amazon or Barnes&Noble or Kobo-Ebooks or Smashwords)

The Unwilling Cuckold – 2013 (Amazon)

The Christmas Exhibition – 2012 (Amazon)


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Author of erotic fiction. The Uncertain Cuckold and The Christmas Exhibition. Themes include 3somes, 4somes, domination, submission, voyeurism, exhibitionism and cuckolding.
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