The Unwilling Cuckold chapters 1, 2 and 3

The Unwilling Cuckold is the sequel to The Uncertain Cuckold. It was published on Amazon on the 8th February 2013. It contains a total of 26 highly-charged chapters. Below are the first 3. I hope you enjoy!

The Unwilling Cuckold



I had finally fucked my fiancée Jill after weeks of denial. Someone was at the front door. I wanted to ignore it, but Jill insisted I answered.

I walked through the living room, and sighed as I opened the front door. My jaw dropped suddenly. Gary, the guy she had been fucking for two whole weeks until I ordered her to put a stop to it, was stood before me.

“Matt,” he said. “I thought you weren’t going to answer. But you did, Matt, and that’s good.”

I couldn’t fathom his presence. Six days had passed since she had ended it with him.

“I want to see Jill.”

Hurt harassed humility in my heart.

“I want to see her again, Matt.”

“What… Gary?”

“And you’re going to make that happen.”


I stumbled back into the house, carefully closing the front door behind me. My fingers found the key in the lock, turned, and secured it shut. I paused. My breathing was ragged. My hands shaking. My heart thumping.

“Baby?” called Jill.

I wiped sweat from my forehead.

Wood creaked in the conservatory, echoing through the downstairs part of the house. She was on her feet.

“I’m here,” I said, walking quickly into the living room and closing the blinds, shielding his car from her vision.

“Who was at the door?” she asked, dressed suddenly in a tight, white track suit. Where was the bondage harness now?

For a split-second, I suspected she already knew. That she had at some level been compliant in his plans. I dismissed the thought. “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” I said.

“Really?” She stopped in the doorway of the kitchen, her hands hugging her hips.

Jesus, she looked amazing. How was I supposed to contemplate sharing her again? I couldn’t. I would call Gary’s bluff. I had to.

Jill turned without requiring answer and headed to the kettle, clicking it on. “Tea?”

“Please, sweetheart.” It would be that or something stronger.

Jill’s ass swayed as she sashayed across the tiled floor, pulling out a drawer and withdrawing a spoon. She stopped, glanced to me and smiled. “It was mind-blowing to finally make love again, baby.” Her eyes sparkled. “You really fucked me good. I… I liked submitting to you… After so long.” My fiancée back-pedalled towards the boiling kettle and teabags. “I do love you so very much.”

I swallowed saliva, stifling bile rising in my throat. “I love you too, Jill.”

There was a glint in her eye.

Did she know?

A hint of foreboding to her voice.

Could she?

“I want to talk to you, Matt.”

Oh God no. My worst suspicions on the verge of confirmation. She was responsible. She had sent Gary to the door. She had somehow encouraged him to return with his proposition. His demand. His blackmail.

“I want to discuss the wedding with you, baby.” She paused to pour water from the kettle into two cups. “I want to set a date.”

I closed my eyes. Oh fuck…


Jill’s fingers clasped her cup of tea. Her painted fingernails drummed the porcelain as steam rose from the liquid.

I imagined my cum seeping from her insides. Then recalled my conversation with Gary. How long could I postpone the inevitable?

“What would you think, baby,” she paused, smiling as a blushing bride-to-be should, “of a spring wedding?”

I was sat on the other sofa, studying her wonderful features and reliving the all too recent sordid activity she had committed with her… I could barely think it… Never mind say it… Her… Her… Her fuck buddy… Her lover… Her bull.

“Or what about the summer?” Jill looked to the mantelpiece. “Gosh, can you ever be sure about the weather in this country?”

My befuddled attempt at passive laughter failed to escape her darting eyes.

“You okay, Matt?”

I sat on my shaking hands. “Yes.” My heart pounded. “Please… Keep talking about the wedding.” My pulse thumped on my temples. “I want you to discuss it at me.”

“At?” She crossed her slim legs in her tight leggings.

I wriggled the back of my hands under my thighs. “With,” I corrected.

Jill set her cup on the wooden coffee table. “Matt, are you taking this seriously? Because this is going to be the most important day of my life.”

I was nodding.

“It’s a day I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl. The white dress. The church. The music. The flower girls. The page boys-”

“The parents,” I interrupted, drawing an axe on anxiety.


My axe served only to amplify. “You know.”

Jill shook her head, her face growing more stern with each second. “No, Matt. I don’t. What do you mean?”

I stared at her, burning under her attempts to untangle my secrets. “Well… There’ll be my parents there… And your mum and dad-”

“My mum and stepdad,” she snapped.

My coherence was set to be certified. My confusion rife between worlds. My conscience close to unravelling.

“Yes, they’ll all be there too,” Jill continued. “I know what songs I want playing as you wait for me to arrive. I know the band I want to play them. I chose the song for our first dance years ago…”

I thought of the hotel we had spent a night in just one week prior. How many times had Gary fucked Jill? There were the times I had watched. The times I hadn’t. The minute or more when she had allowed a complete stranger named David to finger her pussy, after kissing him openly in the hotel bar. Then there were the two girls, Katie and Victoria. How stupid I had been, fucking both of them in a state of jealous, sexual rage. Gary had been with me. He had fucked them too. He had watched me fuck them.

“… My bridesmaids. My matron-of-honour.”

My exhalation was subconscious.

“Am I boring you, Matt?” Jill demanded, reaching forward and lifting her cup.

My attention returned, spiking upon her lithe shape. “Absolutely not, Jill. It all sounds wonderful.” My enthusiasm waned, warranting the angry contours which lined her face.

“Baby, for fuck’s sake,” she yelled, slamming her cup on the table and spilling several splashes.


“You’re not a bit interested in what I have to say, are you? I’m talking about our wedding day. The most important, most romantic and exciting day of our lives, baby. Can you please show more of an interest?”

“Yes,” I insisted, squirming on the sofa.

Jill sighed loudly.

“I am interested, sweetheart. I promise. I’ve just got something-”

“Christ, Matt, listen to me. I’ve something to tell you. I only want to tell you it once. You can be upset. You can be angry. You can be aroused. Right this minute, I don’t give a fuck what way you feel about it. Because I know what way it’s intended.”

Where the hell was she going? And with what?

“Last Sunday I went down to see Gary, right?”

I nodded.

“You wanted me to end it with him.”

I swallowed. She had ached from her weekend with him. Her lips so swollen she couldn’t permit her pussy to him.

“And I did, baby.”

Instead, she had surrendered her wrists to his bedposts and her ass to his cock.

“I ended it with him.”

But for how long?

“Matt, there was something else. Something I didn’t tell you.”

My insides tightened within my torso.

“After him and I… After we made love-”

“After you fucked,” I broke in, dragging my fingers across the material of the sofa and out from under my legs.

Jill’s breasts rose under her zipped top as she breathed. Her front teeth chiselled at her lower lip. “Yes…” Her chest deflated again. “After that, I had to do something to make it clear to him that it was over. And it was over, baby. It is over. You know I loved my fun with him. The irresistible nature to our affair was incredible. But my commitment is to you. To us. To the future.”

I sat forward, eyeing the blinds momentarily. “What did you do then?”

“I told Gary I’d made my choice. I asked him to respect it. I kissed him. Oh God, it felt like a Judas kiss. He wanted it to be more. He wanted the passion. The fireworks. His hands were on my body. But I told him what I’m telling you. I said I wanted to set a date for the wedding. I needed to show him how serious I am about my relationship with you. My fiancé. My future husband.”

I was horrified.

Jill was smiling.

I drained my features to ambivalence.

Jill’s brow furrowed.

I stretched the insides of my mouth around my fangs.

A ripple festered under Jill’s right eye.

I pushed my teeth forward into a grin.

She stifled an absurd blink as she surveyed my expression.

“That’s…” My incisors parted, permitting my tongue to roll around words I could barely utter. “Really… Great… Jill.”

Jill leaned forward, moving her cup to a drier wooden panel. “Are you sure you’re okay, baby? Did I miss something?”

I shook my head fiercely. “Not at all. Everything’s fine.”

She glanced to the kitchen door, and beyond to the entrance to the conservatory. “We did just have the most amazing sex session in there… Right?”


“I didn’t dream that.”

“No, Jill. Of course not.”

My fiancée bit at her thumbnail. She was hesitating. “Then…” Her fluster fell into the widest of genuine smiles. “I can keep talking about the wedding?”

I suppressed a sigh. “Yes.” Commitment was a million miles from the thoughts Gary had forced to infiltrate my mind.

“Oh, baby, it’ll be amazing. Everybody will be there!”

Holy shit, I thought. Everybody? Did everybody include Gary?

“They’ll all be so excited for us starting a new chapter in our lives.”

What about Jen? Jen had been Jill’s friend for years. She had also been Gary’s wife. Surely if Jill invited one she couldn’t invite the other?

“They’ll not know about what has happened up to now.”

I succumbed to the most minutest of relaxations.

“Most of them, anyway.”

What? My attention whipped to hers.

“Just so many people, baby, all happy for us. All lining the pews in the church. All waiting outside to applaud us on our way and shower us in confetti. The sun will be shining. The skies clear. The only clouds in our past.” Happiness whisked her off on an irretrievable journey to the future. To a fantasy. To an inevitable disappointment. “I’ll wear the most beautiful white dress you’ll ever see in all your life. You won’t get to see it beforehand. Nor my lingerie, Matt. My lingerie will be so sexy. You’ll have the night of your life.”

If I wasn’t holding her hair as she was bent over a toilet vomiting.

“We can start thinking onwards past the wedding, baby, as well…”

The feeling of falseness to our impending union intensified in my veins.

“… Perhaps even think about starting a family.”

Sickness twisted in my stomach.

“Could you imagine that, Matt?”

Coiled in my throat.

“Could you imagine us bringing a little baby into the world?”

Boiled in my mind.


My temperature soared.

“Baby, are you okay?”

My head was spinning.

“You look red.”

My fears encroaching.

“What is it, Matt?”

My blackmail unfolding.

“What’s the matter?”




“Spit it out for fuck’s sake, baby!”

“I… Want… You…”


“I want you to start seeing Gary again,” I snapped.


“And you’re going to make that happen,” Gary had said at the front door.

I had leaned back on the doorway, careful to close the living room door. If Jill knew he was there… I couldn’t contemplate the possibilities… I had barely reclaimed her from him for more than five minutes.

Gary folded his arms. “Do you hear me, Matt?”

I nodded.

“Good.” His warm breath lit up in the cold air.

I looked over his shoulders to the end of the driveway. His car was parked across the entrance. If Jill changed out of her bondage harness and into something more respectable, if she moved from the conservatory to the kitchen, or even to the living room, if she looked out the front window, she would see his car and know he was there.

“I really expected more of an argument about this,” he said.

I was in shock. How had he the audacity to show up so brazenly? So out of the blue. And after every carnal act he and my fiancée had committed together. Then I realised. My Jill. She was the source of his desire. The drive in his domination.

“I want to see her again, Matt,” Gary started, scratching the back of his head. “I don’t want to hear any more from her about wanting to end things. She was in a terrible state last week. I know you were behind that. She doesn’t deserve such hurt.” He smiled. “Not when I can give her such pleasure.”

My face reddened. My balls twitched. My cock strengthened. “No, Gary.”


I gulped. “I can’t let you see her again. It’s over.”

“Matt,” he said, his tone harsh and full of warning.

“Gary, she’s my fiancée. I love her. You must understand. You’ve been married-”

“Don’t lecture me, Matt. Yes, I’ve been married. Three times, in fact. And nothing gave me greater pleasure than sharing my third wife, Jen. You fucked her yourself, Matt.”

The memory warmed my chilling soul only for an instant.

“You should be the same.”

I ignored the truth. Both the shame and the fact. “It’s irrelevant, Gary. You both had your fun and I was very understanding…”

He was nodding. He was coming around.

“… But it’s in the past.”

He pursed his lips.

“I don’t want my relationship with Jill to be dictated by a third party. Once in a blue moon… Yes, it’s fun to share her. But I don’t want to play second fiddle… Not again.”

“Is that how you felt?”

I was looking back into the house, desperate to detect any sign of movement.

“Matt,” he barked.

“Yes,” I said. “She made me feel second best when you were on the scene, Gary. Jesus, I would’ve been lucky if I ranked second. All she wanted was you. You and no one else.”

Gary was smiling.


His smile widened. His lungs tugged tighter on the air. His chest expanded. He held his breath for several seconds. Then exhaled. “If that’s how she truly felt, Matt, then you’d have to be a very selfish, unloving man to deny your fiancée something she so clearly loves.”

She loved him?

“If Jill loves my cock… Who are you to deny it to her?”

I reeled momentarily from the bluntness of his statement. “I…” I glimpsed her mouth lovingly seeing to his balls. “I…” To his cock. “I…” Her throat swallowing his sperm.

“You know your place, Matt. You know Jill’s. And you know mine. Things must return to the way they were.”

I shook my head. “I won’t let you.”

Gary was staring at the living room window. Was Jill there?

“I’m her fiancé.”

He turned from the window. “Really? The same fiancé who fucked two other girls in the hotel last week?”

The atomic bomb of secrecy had been detonated between us. My eyes fell immediately to the ground. Silence ran amok but for the faint sound of wind rustling the nearby leaves.

I looked up to him. “You wouldn’t go there.”

“Don’t make me, Matt. I want to see Jill again. I want your permission. I want you to give her your blessing-”


Gary leaned forward. “What do you think Jill will do when she finds out what you’ve done?” He glanced to the window again. “Are you kidding yourself that she’ll forgive you?”

I fought a flinch into nothingness.

“She’ll never forgive you, Matt. She prides herself on having found a man who’ll never stray.” The lines around his mouth stretched as he smiled. “Don’t do it to her. Don’t destroy her-”

“You’re the one who’d destroy her, Gary!”

Gary looked into the house, as if indicating my outburst had caused a disturbance.

I spun on my heel, checked and listened. There was nothing. “Don’t,” I pleaded, unable to turn back to look at him.

“I won’t, Matt. I’ve no wish to ruin your relationship. I just want to fuck Jill every now and again.”

I looked to the neighbours’ houses, checking for open windows.

“Well,” he continued, drawling, “maybe a little more often… She is amazing.”

Something about her was. But that didn’t mean I was prepared to be blackmailed into sharing her again.

His body language relaxed. “You have forty-eight hours, Matt.”

My eyebrows narrowed. “To do what?”

“To convince Jill to contact me. I want to hear it from her that she wants to see me again. I want… To taste her again.”

There was an involuntary rush of blood to my loins.

“I’m adamant in my demands, Matt. If I don’t hear from her, I’ll be in touch with her. And I’ll tell her all about what you did with Katie and Victoria.”

I cleared my throat, stifling a growing shake in my hands. “You did the same thing with them, Gary.”

He shook his head, grinning. “I‘m not engaged to Jill, Matt. I‘ve nothing to lose. Could you lose her?”

I didn’t answer, as I felt my face pale before him.



“If she came running to me, Matt, I wouldn’t say no. But it’s not a relationship I want. At least not in the traditional sense. I just want her sweet, sweet body at the end of a text message.” He wanted her as his booty call. “Forty-eight hours, Matt,” Gary said, turning finally away from the door and starting down the driveway to his car.

“Okay,” I said, bewildered by my own compliance.

“Oh.” Gary stopped suddenly, and looked around. “And another thing…”

I looked dreadfully to the neighbours’ windows again.

“… I want you to reassure Jill that she and I can still fuck after you’re married.”


Jill sipped her tea, not saying a word in response to my enforced confession. She replaced the cup on the table, extended her hand and examined her fingernails on each digit. She sighed a long, laborious exhalation. Her lips curled. Retracted. A budding smile began to blossom once more. Then faded as her eyes wandered down corridors of memories I could only dare to possess.

I couldn’t tell her the truth. No matter how extraordinary the circumstances, Jill would never accept that I had cheated.

“You really are a dirty little perv, baby,” Jill said finally, slicing the silence in two.

That much was indisputable.

“After all the pleading you did with me to end it with Gary, all you put me and him through, the heartache, the denial, you sit before me today, not much more than an hour after you’ve fucked me senseless, and you tell me you want me to start seeing him again…”

My tongue roamed the rear of my front teeth.

“Say something, Matt.”

My mouth opened. I couldn’t talk.

“Are you ashamed of yourself?”

My heart thudded in my chest.

“You are,” Jill said, smiling. “You’ve finally come to terms with your desires… Your needs… And you’re feeling shame at yourself.”

I fiddled my fingers on the front of my knees.

“And that’s why, baby, no matter how much you beg me, no matter how much you tell me you want me to see Gary again, it won’t be happening-”

“What?” I interrupted, his warnings echoing in my head.

“Your kinky fetish is too fickle. One minute you want me to fuck him. The next you never want me to see him again. I’m too fragile for that. Sorry, Matt, you’ve had your chance to be cuckolded… You blew it.”

I closed my eyes, reliving the moment when Victoria had spilled my spunk into Katie’s hungry mouth. I hoped every ounce had been worth it.

Jill laughed. “It is sort of sweet, but no.”

I cracked my knuckles, attempting to fathom words to fight for my woman. To push her back into the arms of another, and yet somehow to keep her by my side.

“Anyway,” she said, “back to the wedding plans… I was thinking we could have matching…”



It appeared Jill had settled on every possible plan for the wedding except the date, by the time we finished dinner on Saturday evening. She was all smiles and almost skipped through the living room on her way to the bathroom.

My heart was sinking.

Gary’s revelation would devastate her. Six years together would be destroyed in an instant. Even if Jill wanted to work through what had happened, even if she was willing to factor in the circumstances of my sexual denial, her repeated liaisons with Gary and the kisses she had shared with David in the hotel bar, she would say the trust had gone. She would be right. My heart pounded and told me the same. I had risked – and ruined – our relationship for a sordid, ego-inflating fuck with a blonde and a brunette.

“Baby,” Jill said quietly, peering from behind the living room door, “you are the most honest person I’ve ever met.”

Shame chipped at my conscience.

“It really was a nice gesture you made about letting me see Gary again if I wanted, but…” Jill pushed the door open. The wood creaked. The brass squealed. She unmasked her naked body in all its unrivalled glory. “… This is all yours.”

My jaw dropped.

“And I want to be a wonderful wife.”

“You… You… Oh God-”

Jill was stroking herself, rotating the first two fingers of her left hand on her clit. Her right hand roamed her hair, fixing her blonde locks over her bare shoulders. Her mouth opened, she exhaled a delightful moan and leaned forward, allowing her breasts to fall together. Jill dropped her hair, caressed her neck and slid her fingers slowly over her chest. Her thighs parted. She groped a breast. Her fingertips pried gingerly away from her clitoris, slipped lower and parted her wonderful lips.

“My God,” I said, struggling to comprehend a life without her.

Jill’s fingers slapped back and forth inside her pussy. She tweaked a nipple, and pursed her lips.

My cock shot against my fly, grazing the foreskin against the zip. I groaned.

Jill’s eyes shut. The fingers of one hand switched from one nipple to the other. She pulled her other hand slowly away from her pussy. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned, then brought her fingers before her face. Her eyes opened again. “My juices and your sperm, baby.”

My chest expanded.

Jill slipped her fingers into her mouth.

The air in my lungs deflated.

“How…” She was tonguing her fingers. “Could you…” Rampantly, Jill ate at her moistness. “Ever…” Swallowed her fingers. “Share…” Mouthed her words between her digits. “Me…” Kissed her lips together, sealing my hours old spunk in her orifice. “Again?”

My hand drew towards my groin.

Jill twirled on her feet, spinning her ass in my direction. “I’m going to bath again, baby.”

“Ohhhhh-kay.” I gripped my cock through my trousers.

Her feet hit the stairs as the door closed slowly behind her.

I had to convince her to see him again.


Jill was singing Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl loudly to herself in the bathroom as the steam of her water filed through the house. With the oncoming winter and the rapidly increasing price of oil, I couldn’t complain when it meant I could leave the central heating off for another hour.

I heard the water cascade from her body into the bath as she moved. She would be lying naked up there. Naked. Aroused. Beautiful.

I rubbed my temple.

Her singing continued, eliciting distant memories of her previous girl-on-girl behaviour.

How could I lose her?

I couldn’t, and drew my mobile phone from my pocket. I unlocked it and scrolled to compose a new text message. What could I say? How could I possibly convince him that I had tried?

“Gary, it’s Matt. I’ve asked Jill to see you again. She said no. She wants to focus on her wedding plans. Please understand.”

I hit send, knowing he wouldn’t relent so easily.


“Matt, I want Jill’s pussy. Sort it.”


I paced the living room. Jill was slipping away. If she wasn’t slipping into Gary’s hands, she was certainly slipping out of mine. He would see to that. There was no calling his bluff… Surely.

I read the messages again, noting how strangely that I had omitted the word our for her when I referenced the wedding plans. It had not been my conscious intention.

I tapped the phone as I scanned Gary’s text, wondering if there was a way I could use it. A way I could convince Jill to block all contact with him. Could I convince her to block his number? To prevent him contacting her altogether.

I sighed.

How could I stop him from calling her at work? Or appearing at the front door? If his determination was set in stone, I couldn’t stand in his way. Too many possibilities were out of my control. He would find a way to tell Jill about Katie and Victoria.

“Gary, I’ve tried. But she said no. Please don’t tell her about the girls in the hotel. Please. She’d never forgive me. And she’d never forgive you.”

I hit send before I realised what I had done.

He now had something altogether more concrete than his word against mine.


“You took her away from me. I want her back. This is not a negotiation. If I don’t hear from her on Monday, I’ll tell her what you did.”


I was still reeling from his last text message when my phone beeped again.

“If I don’t see her on Monday.”


“If I don’t feel her.”


“If I don’t fuck her.”


The water was draining from the bathtub as I frantically fought through my thoughts for a solution. My hands were shaking. My mouth drying. My head swimming through confusion and crashing into panic.

Gary had moved the goalposts. I had two days. Two days to convince my fiancée to have sex with another man.

I heard the joy in her voice as she sang out Chapel of Love. She was so happy. So dedicated to our wedding. To our marriage. Fucking another man couldn’t have been further from her mind.

I was out of options. I couldn’t ask her again. Not seriously. Jill had been adamant in her assertion. How was I supposed to save her from a world of hurt? I loved her so much. I couldn’t bare the thoughts of a life spent without her. My chest tightened. My head pounded. Anxiety ruled supreme.

“Baby!” she called from the top of the stairs.


“Stick the kettle on please, make me a cup of tea.”

My head was spinning. “Okay.” I was seeing stars on the edge of my peripheral vision as I stood.

I clicked the kettle on, tapped my fingers and wondered. What could I possibly do? Gary would not relent. I blinked and visualised Jill slipping her fingers inside herself. It was no wonder he wouldn’t quit.

The water in the kettle began to rumble. I heard Jill’s footsteps overhead.

My palm drew my mobile from my pocket. I studied it, and sighed. What could I do? I ran my tongue around my teeth, searching for inspiration.

Jill sang louder, her voice reverberating on the ceiling.

I opened the option to compose another text message. “Gary, I need your help. I can’t convince her on my own. I need you to try to seduce her. I’ll encourage her. I’ll give her my permission. Please don’t do anything rash. She doesn’t need to find out what I did.”

The kettle whistled as it boiled.

I slipped the phone back into my trousers, found two cups, teabags and milk.

I checked my phone. No reply.

I stirred the tea in the cups.

I pulled my phone out again. Still nothing.

I heard Jill walk above me, turn and step on the first of the stairs.

I lifted the cups and headed into the living room, setting them on the coffee table and sitting on the nearest sofa.

Jill entered, smiling widely, wearing a white sheer negligee revealed under my dressing gown. Her nipples and pussy were visible, her beautiful bare legs slicing through a slit in the material. “Hi, baby,” she said, then glanced to the tea. “Oh, you are the best.”

My mobile beeped.

Jill glided gracefully by my fixated eyes.

I reached into my pocket, withdrew the phone and was immediately stumped. There was no text message.

Jill bent over the coffee table, displaying the wonderful shape of her ass even when it was hidden under my dressing gown. She was sorting through her handbag, rustling several items. She snatched her own mobile, turned and sat on the other sofa.

I looked hungrily at her legs, eager to worship every inch of her.

Jill giggled.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she replied, biting her lower lip rather mischievously. Her cheekbones featured more prominently as her smile grew. She fanned herself.

“Are you hot, sweetheart?”

Jill breathed deeply, then leaned forward to lift her cup. The screen of her mobile slipped agonisingly close to my view. She sat back again, smiling more exuberantly as she scanned the screen again. “Pardon?”

“I asked if you’re hot.”

Jill exhaled through her nostrils, suppressing another giggle. “Hot?” She surmised the term for several seconds, her thumb pushing back and forth on her mobile.

What was she reading?

“Mmmmmm… Maybe.”

Why hadn’t Gary replied?

Jill sipped her tea, cradling the cup in one hand. She stared at her mobile, studying the text. “May…” Her lips kissed gently together as she slowly spoke. “Be.”

Had Gary reached out to her?

She fluttered her eyelashes. Was her reaction subconscious? Was she imagining he was there?

I watched her body language, desperate for additional evidence.

Jill’s eyes were alive with that familiar fire I had come to endure. Her smile was widening, despite her obvious attempts to clamp it under her front teeth.

I opened the texting facility on my own mobile. “Did you just text Jill?” I sent it to Gary.

Jill crossed her legs, drawing her thighs tightly together.

“Shall I put the TV on?” I suggested.

“Yes.” Jill’s eyes never left her message.

I hit standby on the remote, then started channel-hopping as Jill replaced her cup on the table and gently caressed her neck with the back of her fingers. She seemed restless. Distracted. Perhaps even aroused. I stood suddenly and walked to her sofa.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, dropping her mobile on the dressing gown.

I motioned to sit next to her.

“No, Matt,” she insisted, gesturing towards the sofa I had vacated. “I’m too hot. I just want to stretch out on my own.”

I stared at her phone. The screen was shielded, face down on the cotton.

Jill swivelled her legs from the floor onto the sofa, revealing the briefest glimpse of her shaven pussy. She propped her head against the arm, her palm seizing her mobile. “Go on, baby, find something we can watch together.”

My eyes roamed her body, resting finally on the back of her hand. How I wished to uncover her secret. “Okay,” I said, and reluctantly returned to the other sofa. I pulled out my phone. Empty. I resumed my practice of perusing the many channels on the television.

Jill turned her mobile around again, and started to type.

“Who are you texting anyway?” I asked, drawing innocence to my tone.

“My sister,” she replied instantly, as if she had rehearsed the answer.

I settled the television on Boardwalk Empire. “It’s a repeat,” I said. “Do you mind watching it again, or will I keep looking?”

“Whatever.” Her fingers typed merrily. Her eyes lighted magnificently. Her smile defined crushingly.

Jill was on the cusp of Gary’s grasp once again.


Jill’s mobile beeped, barely fifteen minutes after she had seemingly sent her own text and placed it down on her lap. She glanced at the screen, then gasped suddenly.

“What is it?” I snapped.

She ignored me.


My fiancée continued to pretend I wasn’t there.

I sighed, returning my eyes to the television.

Jill uncrossed her legs. She stretched the opening of the dressing gown, and slipped one hand inside the cotton material. She raised one thigh, obscuring my view. Her wrist roamed slowly inside her leg. Her mouth opened. She grazed her hand gently between her legs and breathed deeply, heaving her breasts. Her nipples pushed against her see-through negligee.

My mobile beeped.

Jill’s eyes never left the screen of her own phone.

I reached into my pocket.

Jill pulled her dressing gown over her hand and thigh, masking her motion.

“Yes.” Gary’s reply was simple. A statement so brief, yet so breathtaking in its possession of my bride-to-be.


Jill’s mobile beeped several times over the course of Boardwalk and again and again through the following show, Game of Thrones.

“What’s she saying?” I asked.

“Who?” Jill replied, barely audibly. Her hand was buried deep within the confines of the dressing gown.

“Your sister, Tara.”

Jill looked over her mobile, scrutinized my stare and finally shrugged. “Nothing much. It’s girl talk. Nothing to do with you.”

Nothing to do with me. The very essence of that sentence struck a harsh chord on my conscience. The clandestine nature to so much of what Gary and Jill had done together exuded haunting, uncontrollable feelings. I couldn’t stop their chemistry. Nor halt their frolics. Their future was unpreventable.

Jill set her phone on the coffee table and yawned.

I focused on the television, watching the breasts of Emilia Clarke’s buxom blonde character Daenerys Targaryen bounce as she was fucked hard from behind, but my mind was on Jill’s mobile. My concentration on her text messages.

“I’m going to head to bed for an early night,” Jill announced, stretching her arms and tugging her negligee around her pert breasts.

My pupils plundered her nipples. “Okay,” I said, holding my hands out to touch her as she passed.

Jill rounded the opposite side of the coffee table, avoiding my lecherous hands. She glanced, guessing my disposition and tutted.

In my heart of hearts, I knew I would have to get used to such rebuttals.

She stopped at the living room door and examined my eyes. “Aw,” she said, then leaned down and planted her lips on mine.

My tongue slipped into her mouth.

Jill pulled away. “Naughty boy, baby.” She opened the door. “We’ll have to do something about that.”

The door closed behind her.

My eyes darted to her mobile.

Her feet trod on the first step. The second. The third.

I eased my ass gently off the sofa.

Jill continued her ascent.

My fingers fell on the surface of the table, weaving across the wood to her phone. To her conversation with Gary. To the secrets I sought to expose.

Jill stopped suddenly.

I leapt backwards onto the sofa, placing one foot over the other and crossing my arms. As the door opened, Jill entered and our eyes met. She seemed suspicious. I squirmed below her. Surely Gary wouldn’t have told her of my tryst already. I gulped. Jill smiled, then began to disrobe. Was it my lucky night after all? Had Gary aroused her to such a degree that I was to be afforded a second fuck? Jill threw my dressing gown onto the table.

“In case you get cold,” Jill said, matter-of-factly.

My perplexity to her words was unrealised as I drank in her beauty, mentally unravelling more of her flesh.

“Night, baby.”

Her sentences penetrated my thoughts suddenly. “What?”


The door had shut behind her again before I could protest further. Her feet hit the stairs again. One step at a time, creaking as she climbed.

I breathed out, feeling my erection through my trousers.

I heard Jill push open the bathroom door. Her feet swished along the carpet. She turned and gently planted her beautiful ass on the toilet. I knew every sound in the house. Recognised every creak and skreak.

I reached out for her mobile.

The toilet flushed.

My thumb swivelled over the screen, unlocking the content.

Jill turned the taps at the basin, perfecting the ideal mix of cold and warm water.

Sweat pooled at the small of my back as I sized up the main menu.

Jill crossed the landing into the bedroom.

I took a deep breath, heard my fiancée pull back the duvet on the bed, and opened her messages, as she flopped onto the mattress.

Disappointment ripped at my senses. Not a single message between them. I investigated further. Jill didn’t appear to have any correspondence at all. All her folders were empty. Wiped. Deleted.

I replaced her phone on the table and fell back on the sofa. My erect cock strained in my trousers. The ceiling creaked above.

How could she have so adamantly refused to see Gary again, yet spent over an hour exchanging texts with him? Texts which put a smile on her face, and a hand on her crotch. Her relief may have been minimal, but his effect on her obvious.

Familiar sensations of rejection, of exclusion from their unique sexual proclivity, rushed to my head. I flexed my muscles, insisting within that it was possible to embrace these feelings. I would have to. I faced a life of misery if I didn’t. The only manner in which I could continue my relationship with Jill was to permit – and to push – her into the arms of another man.

The texts, I thought. It didn’t appear I had much pushing to do.

There was another creak in the ceiling.

I typed a message to Gary. “How are things coming along?” I pondered passing along what information I had gleamed from her reaction, then opted to leave him dangling in her hands for now.

I rubbed my cock through my trousers. How would I feel if I was forced to watch her suck his cock again? Circulation suddenly increased to my groin. What if I had to watch her lie back and take his length in her pussy once more? I squeezed myself. What if he ordered her to flip over onto her stomach? If he pulled her legs apart, pushed his cock against her hole. Against her asshole. My breathing grew more ragged. My palm slid back and forth on the outline of my dick. I needed relief. Both physically and mentally.

There was the sound of a floorboard above. But no further movement. I dismissed it, and unzipped my fly.

What if I wasn’t allowed to watch them fuck at all? How would I feel? They had fucked before without me. Why would Gary want me around again?

My heart sank. Then I thought of Jill, and her darker desires. Her willingness to cuckold me. To reduce me in her eyes, and especially in her surroundings. She would want me around when they fucked, if only to degrade me. But I would be afforded the luxury of watching her body contort as it was pleasured. Perhaps I would even be permitted to take her after him. To lap at her sloppy seconds.

My cock was in my hand. I was stroking gently, although the purple head was already painfully swollen and my balls were bulging, desperate for release. I contemplated rewinding the television, to jerk off over the blonde stunner from Game of Thrones. My eyelids fell shut and I saw her bountiful ass and her heaving jugs. The grimace on her face as she was rammed hard from behind.

I gave my cock a long, final grope, then dropped it from my palm, and stood. My fiancée’s pussy was still mine. She wasn’t red. She wasn’t raw. She was my treasure to plunder. I turned towards the door, pulled on the handle and headed for the stairs.

I froze on the second step, certain I had heard a gasp from above. I waited in silence. My ears propped and prepared, ready to catch any further hint of self-inflicted pleasure.

I heard the sheets move in the bedroom. Then the merest trace of a squeal. Of a moan. Of a masturbating harlot shrouding her indulgence in secrecy.

I quietly climbed another step.

A phone beeped loudly in the living room.

I sensed Jill still above.

I held my breath.

She didn’t move.

Neither did I.

I heard a drawer roll open. I knew which drawer, and why. Her fingers fondled through her underwear.

I stepped carefully, slowly back down the stairs.

The drawer rolled shut. Jill had what she wanted. The twelve inch dildo Gary had purchased for her, and once dictated she was to remain faithful to.

I retreated to the living room, and hurriedly crept to the coffee table. I seized Jill’s mobile. It was empty. I found my own, and discovered a text from Gary.

“She refused to meet me. If you don’t sort this out so I see her on Monday, I’ll tell her you fucked those girls in the hotel.”

I immediately hit delete. Jesus Christ, if Jill happened to see what he was saying I would be out on my ear!

I sighed. I couldn’t just sit downstairs and rub my cock while the woman I loved fell out of my fingers.

The ceiling shook ever so slightly.

My dick, struck by fear from Gary’s text, hung semi-erect out of my trousers.

I turned to the door. Within seconds, I was quietly climbing the stairs again.



I stood at the doorway to our bedroom. The door was open. The lights were out. The digits from the alarm clock and the dim shine from the street the only source of illumination on Jill’s slim, sexy body.

I carefully stepped inside, eager to conceal my presence. I held my foot in mid-air, struck suddenly by the realisation that underneath the carpet was the one floorboard in particular which would creak louder than any in the rest of the house. I searched frantically for my bearings. My curiosity dictating it was paramount I remained undetected.

Jill moaned.

My eyes darted to her.

She was moaning her mouth around the inflated head of the dildo.

The heel of my foot rested slowly on a random spot on the carpet. The wood was quiet. My presence remained cloaked.

Jill’s legs were spread wide. Her fingers fighting selfishly for control of her pussy, and rotating on her clit. Her shaven lips were splayed. Her hole gaping and hungry. Her mouth swallowing yet more of the dildo.

I pulled silently on my cock, regaining some of the hardness which had escaped.

Jill’s negligee was pulled up her torso, barely covering the bottom of her breasts. Her body was shaking, rocking backwards and forwards between her groin and her mouth. Her lust was building. Her need for penetration tussling with her need for delivering an oral assault.

My foreskin peeled back from my penis, the sound suffocated under Jill’s relentless, twisting fingers finding an abundance of moistness inside her pussy.

The dildo popped free from her mouth. Jill threw herself on her side, rampantly forcing her fingers deeper and seized the dildo in her teeth.

I backed slightly more behind the door, recognising the whites of her eyes as she devoured the sex toy.

Her lips coated the head in saliva. Her tongue licked more free. Her head bobbed back and forth, pushing the dildo against her pillow and finding a position where she could force herself harder upon it without it escaping her clutches.

I wanked harder behind the door, allowing only a part of my face to risk her detection.

Jill released the dildo from her mouth, and tongued the fake circumcised head. “Gary,” she whispered.

My heart thudded tremendously, drowning even the slapping sound of my schlong.

Her blonde hair cascaded over the dildo as her body shook with involuntarily contractions. “Need…”

My erection elongated further within my palm, streaking against the zip of my fly.

“… Cock.” Jill plied her fingers from her pussy, threw her hand to the dildo and dragged it down to her abdomen.

I wrestled my cock through the agony of my zipper.

Jill rolled on her back, spreading her beautiful legs wide and wanton, then shoved the twelve inch dildo into her cunt.

I needed to devour her. To ravish her. To take what was rightfully mine.

Her back arched. Her head flung to one side. She plunged the dildo deeper inside herself, stretching her lips around the girth. “Oooooh,” she moaned.

I adjusted my trousers, loosening the zip and freeing my cock for a more pleasurable wank.

Jill’s hand mauled the end of the dildo, shoving it in and out of her desirable, desecrated opening. Her other hand reached under her negligee and fondled her tits. “Gary,” she whispered again.

She could be manipulated, I rationalised. Her lust was for him. I could talk her into it.

Jill’s eyes opened.

I backed off again.

She stared at the ceiling, as if visualising him above her. “I’m yours,” she said.

Deceit drained pride from my pleasure.

“Yours, Gary.” Her eyes shut again. Her forefinger and thumb pinched on a nipple. She withdrew the dildo from her pussy and pushed it upwards to her clitoris. She rotated the head on her hood. Her mouth opened, groaned and her tongue licked her lips.

I hastened my hammering fist, eager not to blow my load over the wooden panels of the door. My spunk was for her insides.

Jill shivered, her torso twisting over the massive head of the dildo. “Fuck,” she cried quietly, then placed her toy again at her lips. “Fuck me, Gary.” Jill pushed half the dildo inside herself.

My trousers dropped to my ankles.

Jill was lost in her masturbation. Her eyes dreaming of her bull. Her body responding as if on the end of his length.

My balls wallowed in self-pity, cramming my cum further from my orgasm.

Jill’s toes curled.

I feasted on the view, hungry and hornier for more.

My fiancée’s pussy squelched around the dildo. She croaked something I couldn’t comprehend. Her breathing grew more ragged. Her breasts rising and falling more rampant.

I tugged harder.

“Oh God,” Jill declared, and pulled the dildo out of her pussy again. “Fuck.” She dragged herself up from her back to her knees, positioning the sex toy upright on the bed, and crawled forwards until her cunt was resting over the head. She gently lowered her lips onto the vertical shaft, opening around the first inch. She paused, breathed and fixed a lock of blonde hair behind her ear. Jill dropped herself violently down, enveloping more than half the dildo in one swift motion. “Shit!”

I leaned closer, allowing both my eyes to relish her debauchery.

“Yours,” she said, bucking her hips faster. “Yours, yours.” Her breasts bounced under her negligee. “I’m your slut.”

I swallowed, accepting my humiliation. Moulding to my mortification. And channelling pleasure into my chagrin.

“Your whore.”

I stepped closer.

The floorboard creaked.

Jill’s eyes opened on mine.

I hesitated, then surrendered to her discovery, casually revealing my hard cock.

Jill didn’t slack on her sexing of the dildo. Her hands roamed her body, one ending on her breasts, the other dishevelling her hair. Her eyes fixated on my length. On my hand rapidly roaming back and forth. She smiled, then licked her lips.

I moved towards the bed.

Jill nodded, indicating my inclusion.

I crouched beside her and reached my free palm out to the dildo.

“No,” she said, biting her lower lip. “Let me ride him.”


Jill closed her eyes, flashing the proudest of conquering smiles. Nothing to do with you… Her words… Ringing clearly in my mind.

I watched her beautiful body writhe in illustrious pleasure, groped my dick in my hand and yanked it impossibly closer to relief. My free palm stroked the inside of her smooth thigh, curled across to her clit and gently pressed on her.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” Jill confessed. “I want you touching me as I fuck.”

“As you fuck who?” I asked.

Jill smiled. Her eyes remained shut.

My middle-finger toyed with her clitoris, pushing my tip deeper against her.

“Yes, baby.”

“You fuck him good, sweetheart,” I said, looking over her body.

Jill’s eyes opened as I reached her face. She was breathing hard, gasping. Suddenly she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my mouth to hers, her tongue diving deep within my orifice. Her taste was glorious. Her technique hungry and insatiable.

My tongue eagerly sought more.

Jill snapped away. Her lips curled. Her eyes were devilish. She pushed my chest with her palm. She was done with me.

I fell back on my elbow, and propped myself on my side to watch her. I wanked furiously, barely able to contain myself before a creature of such stunning, diabolical beauty.

Jill surveyed my lowly masturbation, then lost herself in a frenetic, fastening fuck. Her hips hammered down selfishly for more of the twelve inches. Her pert breasts bounced and boasted a fine figure, her nipples slashing against the sheer white material of her negligee. Strands of her hair whipped in several directions. Perspiration poured from her neck down to her chest. She rotated her pussy thunderously on the love stick below. The muscles of her flat stomach tightened. Her motion morphing into unstoppable, earth-shattering propulsion.

“Oh fuck!” Jill cried out vociferously, shaking the bedroom. “I love it! I love it! I love it! I need cock! Need cock! Need it! Oooooh my God, that’s it! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” She screamed out. “Fuck me, Ga- Ah! Fuck! Me!”

I ejaculated over the duvet.

The dildo soared deeper inside her cunt.

“Jesus, Gary!” Jill shouted out, millions of miles from realising what she had said.

A trickle of spurt seeped out of my slit.

Jill pounded her pussy down on the sex toy, strangling each and every receptacle of her pain. Her back arched. Her breasts bounced. Her moans were suddenly suppressed by an insatiable need for more. Her fingertips clawed the bedsheets, and she threw herself forward into a kneeling position, clamping the dildo between her thighs. Jill’s hips thrust down upon the girth. Her pussy willingly accepting more.

“Fuck!” she cried out loud. “I’m cumming!”

My penis dribbled the last of its sperm.

Jill’s spasms were incredible, shaking her torso and causing all fours legs of the bed to vibrate. Her body doubled over the dildo. Her long, blonde hair shrouding her sexual denigration.

I was struck by jealousy.

Jill panted.

By longing.

She paced her breathing. Stilled her body.

By the realisation that I was losing her.

“Oh God, baby, I needed that,” Jill said, then collapsed onto the mattress, prying the dildo free from her pussy. She held it in her palm, snaking it up the bed until it was alongside my own softening cock.

The difference in length and in girth made for a rather uncompetitive comparison.

Jill giggled.

How could I ever hope to keep hold of her?


Jill purred as she lay in my arms, her head propped on her pillow. I caressed her small belly, my fingers straying between the slit in her negligee.

“I love cuddling up with you,” she said quietly, then kissed my cheek. “I’m glad you didn’t stay downstairs. I thought you might start drinking until the early hours.”

I pushed my fingers lower, touching Jill’s shaven skin above her delicious clitoris. “No, sweetheart, not when I knew you were up here, wearing just this.” I ran the material between my thumb and forefinger.

“How long were you there?” Jill gestured towards the door.

The muscles of her lower abdomen relaxed around my gentle strokes. “Long enough.”

She shuddered.

“It’s okay,” I insisted, releasing the sheer fabric of her negligee and touching the curvaceous edges of her breasts with the back of my arm.

“I… I don’t want sex again tonight, Matt.”

I was silent, drawing my arm back only so I could place one of her boobs in my palm. I squeezed, then pressed my hand against her protruding nipple.

Only Jill could make a sigh sound so seductive.

“I heard what you were saying,” I said, releasing her breast and seizing her nipple.

Her chest expanded under my touch. “Saying?”

I gently rotated my first two fingers and thumb over her areola. My other hand made a V around her clit, my fingertips grazing the outer moistness of her pussy lips. “Didn’t you realise you were speaking, Jill?”

Her eyes widened. “Er, no.”

I narrowed my fingers on her cunt, twisted my others on her nipple. “Really?”

Jill’s body entered the beginnings of an involuntary spasm. She turned suddenly away onto her side, breaking the physical contact between us.


She was silent.

“Honey, please… I’m not mad… Not at all.”

She backed her ass towards my crotch.

I reached out and placed my palms on her bountiful cheeks. “I just want to hear your thoughts on the subject.” I cupped her magnificent ass. How could I ever live without that? To view it was amazing. To touch it an unbelievable privilege. To fuck it? Something I had not been permitted for the better part of nineteen months.

“What…” Jill’s voice was hoarse, tired. “Subject?”

I slipped my fingers between her crack. One of my knuckles scratched her anus as I descended towards her pussy. I flipped my hand one-hundred and eighty degrees. My fingertips found her wet, puffy lips. I pushed inside her.

Jill groaned, then leaned her body forward, exposing more of her sex.

“I heard who you were calling out for,” I said.

Jill slid her hand down to her thigh, pulled her flesh further from her pussy and exposed more of her hole.

My fingers penetrated her deeper. Such a beautiful pussy. I needed to feel her insides wrapped around my length every single day.

“You’re bluffing,” Jill said.

I lowered my mouth to her ear, breathed warm air over her and nibbled the end of her lobe. “No, sweetheart,” I whispered, “I’m not.”

“Ugh,” she cried, and forced her crotch harder against my digits.

“You were saying his name.” My naked cock grew between my legs. “You were talking to him as if he was here.”

Jill’s fingers locked on my wrist, stilling me within her. She looked over her shoulder. The whites of her eyes almost golden in the dim light. So gorgeous. So frightfully innocent and vulnerable. So deceptive and illusional. She drew her other hand from the pillow, glided it carefully towards my head and touched my temple. “Are you okay?”

I had to lie to her. I couldn’t allow him to hurt her. To hurt us. “Yes, Jill.”

“I love you so fucking much, Matt.” She stroked my scar. “I never strayed when you were in Afghanistan.”

“I know.”

Her lips were full, hiding her perfect white teeth.

I kissed her softly.

She murmured in return.

I pushed against her pussy again.

Her hand released my wrist.

I penetrated her to the hilt of my fingers.

Jill gasped. “Oh, baby, yes. That’s it. Work inside me. Hit the spots I can’t hit with myself.”

My pace quickened. “Okay.” My hand thundered inside her. “Take it.” My fingers grasped for her sponge. “Take it like a whore.” My arm retreated forcefully, my fingertips mauling the outside of her labia. “Ready yourself.” I plunged deep again, harder and hurried. I surrendered nothing in my speed. “You’re thinking of him again, aren’t you?”

Jill closed her eyes.

I touched her chin with my free hand, then turned her face away from me. “It’s okay, Jill. You can think of him.” I decided to gamble between her fantasies and his, sacrificing the most dangerous of my own. “I know you want to.”

She moaned, moving her hips in an increasing tandem.

I gabbed her blonde locks. “Did you like it when he was rough with you?”

Her cunt began to grind viciously against my palm.

I pulled her hair, clamping my teeth together and suppressing my seething jealousy. The fire within boiled, bursting between concoctions of anger and arousal. “This was how he would treat you, right?”

“Fuck!” she yelled, then reached out. One hand found the edge of the bed, gripping tightly. The other mauled my leg, searching for my arm inside her. She found it, and wrestled against my pace.

I let go of her hair, swiped her straying arm aside and rifled my fingers inside her.

“Yes!” Jill’s torso was tantalisingly close to an orgasm. “He was…” Her cunt on the verge of cumming. “Fucking…” Her mouth teetering on a precipice of confession. “Rough with me!”

“Can you live without that?” I demanded, swirling inside her, encouraging her juices to flow around my hand.


“Can you?”

Moisture from Jill’s cunt squirted onto my palm. “Fuck!”

I redoubled my finger-fucking efforts. “Can you live without Gary?”

She threw her head back, sprawling her hair over my face. “No!” she yelled, as her torso shook with outrageous, demonic delight. Her words twirled around us like a tornado. A whirlwind of wonder. A violent tempest of disaster. Jill’s truth was in the open. Her body contorting as her thoughts cavorted with the possibility of promiscuity once again. Climaxing with whatever clandestine exchange she and Gary had shared via text.

“You can’t live without him,” I stated, slacking my fingers inside her.

Jill expulsed my hand, gushing her juices onto the bedsheets. “Oh no!” she screamed.

I patted her pussy, patronising her pleasure.

My fiancée was unable to defend herself. To argue. Or to prevent my middle-finger from reaching forward and circling her clitoris.

“Yes,” I said quietly.

“Wait,” Jill whined. “No.” She panted. “This isn’t fair.” Her torso stuttered, as if on the brink of another almighty, greater orgasm.

I shoved my erection against her ass, deliberately grazing her anus as I descended her crack and found my bulbous head propped suddenly against her pussy lips.

Goosebumps dotted Jill’s body in the split-seconds that echoed her realisation. “Don’t, baby-”

I hauled her hips against mine, ripping my cock into her entrance.

“No, cucky!”

I fucked into my fiancée without restraint, hearing her words. I felt them dawn upon me, duplicate and reprise. I shrugged understanding aside, suffocating any chance of my submission. It was my duty in his absence to execute her exaltation.

“Oh God!” Jill cried, surrendering her cunt to my cock. “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I slammed inside her, spilling sweat from my naked body to hers. I pulled at her hair, bit at her neck and slapped her ass cheeks. She was my fiancée. My woman. My whore. I was fucking her. Tonight was my night, no matter whether my world crashed down around me in forty-eight hours. My care was carnal. My necessity primal. My realisation divine.

Nothing to do with you recoursed the doubts in my mind. My orgasm was hit with sudden inhibition. My climax suppressed by fears of the future. Of her turning towards him. Her bull-in-waiting.

Jill flung her cunt backwards onto my length, encouraging my ejaculate. “Do it to me, baby.”

I grunted into her neck. “Mine,” I said, stung instantly by the pathetic plea at the heart of my tone.

“Cum in me, baby.”

I shoved my cock furiously inside her, fighting for the beginnings of my finish. “Who do you want?”

Jill ignored me.

“Answer me!” I demanded, raging my rod inside her.

Jill wouldn’t speak.

I brutally smacked my palm against her ass. “The truth! Once and for all!”

“Him!” Jill shouted, her body exploding in another orgasm. “I want Gary!” Her torso shook. “I wish it was him…” Her back arched. “Cumming inside my cunt!” Her voice erupted in a rapid succession of squeals and screams. “Fuck!” Her arms flailed. Her elbow crashed against my side. “Shit, shit… I’m sorry.”

My own orgasm faded. Capitulated to suppression. Subjugated in importance to hers.


“Are you disappointed?”

In what exactly? The fact she wanted him again? That she had fucked herself senseless with a twelve inch dildo while dreaming of his cock? Or that she had confessed to a delirious desire for his sperm as she orgasmed around my length?

“Baby,” Jill insisted, “you didn’t cum… Are you disappointed in me?”

I lay silently before her.

She scrutinized my nudity. “You are so fucking attractive, Matt.”

I faked a smile, as my erection refused to recede.

Jill stroked my chest, transcending my sexual needs and wrapping her fingers in my hair.

“You cried out for him, Jill.”

My fiancée bit her lip.

“You want him, sweetheart,” I said. “It’s a fact.”

Jill bent her knee, exposing her shaven pussy. “We have to confront it, Matt.” Her moist lips glistened under the sullen light of the street. “If I meet my desires head on, I can defeat them.”

I shook my head. “No.”

“No, baby?”

I placed her palm over my heart. “Tell me the truth, Jill. I can handle it.”

Her breasts heaved under her negligee as her chest expanded. “I… Have… Oh God, no, baby, I can’t tell you. It feels so wrong.”

I knew it would be one of my final commands. “Tell me, Jill.” Of control. “Now.” Of dominance. “I want to know.” I placed her hand around my shaft. “I need to.”

Jill grasped my length, then gently tugged it back and forth. “I…” Her reluctance manifested in a restless rhythm. “I think… I have feelings for Gary.”

Horrific consequences danced a tango of disorder across forbidden arousal. Derogatory fantasies embraced and embarrassed humiliating needs for subversion. For corruption. For total and utter debasement by my fiancée and her lover.

“Baby?” She released my cock and hugged at my chest, throwing her knee onto my thigh and grazing my testicles. “I’m sorry.”

“Continue,” I said.

Her eyes were moist as she looked up. Her face pale and almost gaunt.

“Tell me more, Jill.”

“I… I’ve felt a sense of vacancy… Of… Incompleteness… Since I finished with him.”

I nodded.

“I… I’m… Scared by my feelings, Matt… But also… Excited… If only there was a way I could explore them safely.”

I cleared my throat. “I might be able to help you with that.”


My cock stood rigid on end, recognising the admission on the tip of my tongue. “Cuckold me.”

“What?” Jill snapped, her eyes darting between my mouth and my crotch.

I swallowed saliva and pride. “I want you to cuckold me.”

“But, baby, you’ll change your mind.”

“I promise you I won’t.” I couldn’t.

She was speechless.

“I’m serious, Jill.”

“You… You’re willing to let me have sex with him?”

My breath etched at my words, edging them into silence. Silence which soon suffered the consequences of his blackmail. “Yes.”

“How often?”

I imagined her inevitable conversation with Gary. If he quizzed her on what terms and conditions I had attempted to apply, his extortion would only exceed. “A… An… Any… Any time you want.”

“Jesus,” Jill whispered, and raised her knee over the underside of my cock.

The relief was minimal. The tensity of her touch excruciating.

“What if I don’t want to fuck you after I’ve been with him?”

I was silent.

“You’ll accept that, Matt?”

I was forced to nod.

“Say it.”

My balls bloated below her leg. “I… I accept you might not want to fuck me after him.”

“No, baby.” She was smiling her cruellest of smiles.

“What, Jill? What?”

“You know there’s something I want you to admit to being. Something I want to hear from you at least once everyday if we do this again.”

I hesitated.

“Say it, baby.” Jill raised her knee. “Admit it to me.” She slipped her hand to my cock. “If you’re going to marry me, you shouldn’t have secrets from me.” She pinched the end of my cock between her forefinger and thumb. “I want to hear it.” She rolled my foreskin agonisingly around my purple head. “I want you to tell me that you are my loyal, little cuckold.”

Pride conscripted doubt. Tussled with self-respect. And ejected the last ghosts of free will from my tongue.

“Say it.” Her fingers found my balls, clasped and held them in her palm.

“I… Shit, Jill… No… I…” Demons of destruction desecrated the last of my rights. My choices. My hopes. “I am a… Loyal… Little… Cuckold.”

There was a mistress moulding herself in the whites of her eyes. “Again.”

My breath shortened as my balls bulged in her grip. “I am a loyal, little cuckold.”

“Tell me,” Jill paused, tightening her fingers, “that you are my loyal, little cuckold”

“I’m your…” To relinquish all sense of my self was harrowing. “… Loyal, little cuckold.”

“Oh, cucky, bless you.” She drummed her fingers on my balls. “You’re making me one lucky, lucky girl.” Her eyes locked on mine like a prey in her stare. “I want you to tell me that everyday without fail.”

My eyelids fell, masking more clues of my inner disgust. “So… So that’s it?” I asked.


“You and Gary?” My erection wavered. “It’s back on?”

Jill shook her head defiantly. “No, baby.” She examined the loss of length in my groin. “Your forgiveness for your fickle nature will not be so swift.”

My circulation swivelled into exaggerated life.

“I’ve a plan for you, Matt.” She fanned her negligee over her chest. “You are to undergo cuckold training.”

“Cuckold training?” I said.

“Yes. I’m serious. Over an extended period of time, you’ll perform certain tasks to the highest of my expectations before I even contemplate taking a bull again.”

A bull? “But…”

“No buts, baby. The decision is mine to make. And I’ve made it.”

Sweat seemed to stick my backside to the bed. “But, Jill, you must get in contact with Gary again. You have to!”

“Have to?” Jill swatted my testicles.

The pain was rapturous, shooting agony to my stomach. “Fuck!” I doubled over, groaning.

“I don’t have to do anything, cucky. You are mine, at my discretion. Any man I fuck, and I mean any man I fuck, will be my choice and mine alone. Gary will wait for me, if he knows what’s good for him. But I certainly won’t be running back into his arms just because you tell me to. Learn that.”

I nodded.

“Answer me, Matt. Confirm you understand.”

“Yes,” I wheezed.

Jill grabbed my balls again. “It’s yes, mistress.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“I’ve read a lot on the subject online over the last month,” she said. “I’ll expect complete compliance and dedication from my cuck. Do you understand?”

Anxiety hollowed my breath in my lungs. “Yes… Mistress.”

“Oh God, baby…” Jill cleared her throat. “I mean, cucky… This is going to be fun.”

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