The Undefeated Cuckold published!

The Undefeated Cuckold was published today, Sunday 8th September 2013, and is available from Amazon and Smashwords. It will be available on various other vendors in a few days’ time.


The Undefeated Cuckold is a highly-tempered excursion into dangerous new territory for the now defined mistress Jill and her cuckold Matt in this third novel in The Uncertain Cuckold series.

Picking up where The Unwilling Cuckold left off, Matt is stunned to find his fiancée home earlier than expected, and is forced to shield his skin from her, fearful she will uncover his latest secret.

Jill relives her weekend with her bull, but in the days that follow Matt realises her dedication to Gary has waned. Further probing reveals her attention has become distracted by another, and it is something Jill is determined to explore.

Until Gary’s unforeseen Christmas present has earth-shattering consequences, impressing upon Jill the lavish lifestyle he can provide her. Matt is continually bound by his doctrine to be duteous to his bride-to-be’s needs, no matter how extreme or ridiculous.

Still refusing to shave her pubic hair, without explanation, Jill pursues the idea of a threesome, first with Matt and Gary, secondly with Gary and his friend, Steve.

While her interest in dogging continues to grow, especially as Gary reveals the name of the location he has planned. Matt is reminded he must not interfere, the burden of his blackmail alive and well.

Gary also insists that Jill make a very physical dedication to him, scarring her body intimately and permanently. She is in two minds, torn to loyalty to her groom-in-waiting, while Matt is dead set against it… Until he is recruited to persuade her.

The Undefeated Cuckold

The Undefeated Cuckold is the sequel to The Uncertain Cuckold and The Unwilling Cuckold, also available on Amazon.

Word count: 110,000+ words

Get it now from Amazon and Smashwords. It will be available on various other vendors in a few days’ time.

and Smashwords


About vtvaughn

Author of erotic fiction. The Uncertain Cuckold and The Christmas Exhibition. Themes include 3somes, 4somes, domination, submission, voyeurism, exhibitionism and cuckolding.
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4 Responses to The Undefeated Cuckold published!

  1. When does it end ? When does Matt’s torment end and he shows Jill that he is more the man then she knows .Will Gary force Jill into bondage and discipline ? When will violence turn Jill’s head around and she finally becomes the wife Matt needs? How many more chapters must Matt endure humiliation , and degradation , being the door mat for Gary , Jill , Steve , and David ?

  2. vtvaughn says:

    Giving away nothing, I believe you’ll start to see answers in The Prologue of the next novel, The Unforeseen Cuckold, which occurs in the format of a flash-forward. Thank you for reading, I really do appreciate your feedback.

  3. Just finished book four of the series and gave it a four star rating on Amazon . I hope you will be true to Matt , by giving him some balls , showing Jill that he is more of a man then Gary , her bull .. It would be nice to see Matt run to Gary’s car , pull Jill out , and give Gary a good thrashing .Were it not for Matt’s submissiveness , Jill would be nothing , she needs Matt to prove to her that Gary is only using her as a means of jealousy towards Matt.

  4. Walter says:

    Would like to talk with you privately , you have my e mail address , please contact me at your leisure . Thank you in advance .

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