The Unchained Cuckold update

Hi folks,

I’m currently writing chapter 28, which I’m finding almost excruciating. I’m having to draw on a painful experience from my own past to explain the feelings of the characters involved. On the plus side, I think it’s coming across as authentic, which is always something I’m pleased to be complemented on and often have been in reviews of the previous books.

As I’ve said before, Unchained is taking longer to write than its predecessors. That is because it is a deeper, more intense write. Hopefully long-term fans will find this the best book so far in The Uncertain Cuckold series.

I had planned for it to be out in March, but I think April is more realistic given the rewrites I’ll have to after the first draft.

Have faith in me, people! I will come through! I always do! And in the meantime, why not check out The Christmas Exhibition if you haven’t already?

Do it!



About vtvaughn

Author of erotic fiction. The Uncertain Cuckold and The Christmas Exhibition. Themes include 3somes, 4somes, domination, submission, voyeurism, exhibitionism and cuckolding.
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3 Responses to The Unchained Cuckold update

  1. TA says:

    VT – thanks as always for the update. It will be difficult to wait until April, although from the sound of things it will be well worth it. Very much looking forward to reading it. All the best. TA

  2. vtvaughn says:

    Cheers TA. I am having to take this part of the process slowly, as so much hinges on subtext, subtlety and subterfuge (see what I did there). It has to be right.

    It’s been strange, I’m actually learning things about my own past by putting these characters through similar experiences.

    Today was slow. I was writing with only 4 hours sleep (sitting up too late watching 24 box sets).

    Take care,

    • TA says:

      Sounds like you are pouring a bit of your heart into this one. Take your time my friend and enjoy the “journey”. Again, I look forward to reading it once published. All the best. TA

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