Hi folks,

I’m an author of erotic fiction, and so much of my work comes straight from the heart – never mind the cock, or the balls. I’ve experienced many of the things I write about. Dare I give away more than that? Can I have some privacy?

A lot of readers are convinced my stories are autobiographical, others think no one could live the ludicrous lives I portray. I find these juxtaposed opinions incredible. It brings to mind the old saying, it’s better to provoke a reaction rather than not all.

I believe my novels are realistic. They’re gritty. You’d be surprised what I’ve experienced, and perhaps relieved by what I haven’t. I know I am! And also thankful for what I have.

So, if you read any of my books and want to voice an opinion, please, please, please come on over here and do so. I love to hear from readers. It’s an incredible experience to share my work with you, and you to share your feedback with me. So come on!

Thank you,

VT Vaughn


The Uncertain Cuckold Series

#1 The Uncertain Cuckold (Amazon or Barnes&Noble or Smashwords)

#2 The Unwilling Cuckold (Amazon or Barnes&Noble or Smashwords)

#3 The Undefeated Cuckold (Amazon or Barnes&Noble or Smashwords)

The Matt & Jill Series

#1 The Christmas Exhibition (Amazon or Barnes&Noble or Smashwords)

#2 Sensual, Intimate & Explicit Swinging (Amazon or Barnes&Noble or Smashwords)

Short Story Anthology

Jill’s Dirty Bedtime Stories Vol.1 (Amazon or Barnes&Noble or Smashwords)


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4 Responses to About

  1. angus48 says:

    The Christmas Exhibition
    by V.T. Vaughn

    This is a work of erotica that is engineered in waves. Cresting in the first couple of chapters then to a trough, cresting mildly then building to a tsunami by the end of the work. The chief mechanism of this work is the arousal of the players by the mental images they have of each other enjoying the attentions of a third party. It was quite enjoyable and the writing-editing really were first rate. I recommend this book to those in the mature audience group.

    This is the review I put up on GoodReads, Amazon, Twitter via my blog angus48.wordpress.com, the Next You Universe Facebook group and lots of other sites on facebook. You are hereby invited to join the Next You Universe group on Facebook. (Low key and drama free) Enjoy!

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  3. Traveen says:

    Hi V.T. Vaughn,

    I just your book “The Uncertain Cuckold”. I want to write a post about it on website. Please reply me if You want me to go ahead and write about it.

    Thank you

  4. vtvaughn says:

    By all means, Traveen, be my guest.

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