Christina Harding reviews The Christmas Exhibition and interviews me

A few months ago I did an interview with Christina Harding and she read and reviewed The Christmas Exhibition. You can read the article on Christina’s blog here.

Meanwhile all of my books can be found at the Independent Author Network.

Thanks for the continued support, folks!

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Update on The Unmarried Cuckold etc.


I’ve been very quiet on this blog recently. Almost to the point of rudeness. Sorry, folks, I’ve been extremely busy in my personal life and I apologise.

But the good news is I haven’t neglected my writing. The Unmarried Cuckold is coming along well. I’m currently on chapter 16, and Daddy’s Little Princess is behaving as badly as ever with her wedding rapidly approaching. This novel will bring us all the way up to the ceremony itself (which we already know, from a flash-forward in a previous book, gets interrupted) and give us some long-awaited, explosive answers.

I’m not fond of spoilers, as such, but I do like teasers. So what can I tell you all about Unmarried so far? Well, we begin on Matt’s stag night. Matt, McIntyre, Selby, Todhunter and… Gary. But where’s Jill? Surely we know she’ll not settle down for a quiet Saturday night to herself. And why can Matt not cheat when the opportunity comes his way? Is it because Gary’s there? Is it guilt over Francesca? Or is there a more physical presence shackled to his penis?

Later in the book, beyond what I have yet written, will be Jill’s Hen night… Oh dear. What will she do with the likes of her sister Tara, Gary’s wife Jen, and her workmates Sharon, Nici and Tracey present?

I thank all of you who’ve so far bought The Unchained Cuckold and my other books. And even more so all of you who have taken the time to leave such glowing positive reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Speak soon,

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The Unchained Cuckold published!

The Unchained Cuckold is the most devastating and brutal book so far in The Uncertain Cuckold series. It is a novel which combines subtext, subtlety and subterfuge.

The story resumes where Unforeseen left off, with Jill in a car park, dogging with Gary. A stranger wants to f*** her. Matt is watching as Gary orders Jill out of the car, to stand up and to let the stranger fuck her. Does Matt rebuke his conditioning before the sizzling sex escalates?

All-out war seemingly breaks out between Matt and Jill. The engagement ring is wrestled from her finger, but by who? Matt continues to see Francesca, as both Valentine’s Day and his own 30th birthday approach. Can he manage the burden of two beautiful women? What will happen when they both want to spend time with him on the same days? And what of Jill’s teasing that Francesca is interested in a threesome with her and Gary? What of the evidence that mounts in support of her claims?

Matt finds himself relegated to the spare room at the weekend, with Gary now staying over and assuming the role of the man of the house. His phone will light up with messages from Francesca. Can he maintain the secrecy of his affair from Jill? But what of Gary? What if he discovers Matt’s deceit?

David makes his presence known too, heating things up on his own proposed relationship with Jill. While the prospect of a honeymoon after the wedding is finally raised. Will it be just Matt and Jill journeying alone, or will they have company?

And then there is Matt’s confrontation of Jill’s oldest, deepest secret. He defiantly points the finger of his suspicions about who her master was. We learn more than ever before, including why their relationship ended, how and why. Someone knows master’s identity. Someone whom Matt knows very well.

It is available at Smashwords, Amazon and will be at Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc in the next few days.

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Cover Reveal for The Unchained Cuckold

Actually, I’ve been presented with 2 covers for The Unchained Cuckold. Which would you like to see as the final choice?



The Unchained Cuckold is coming soon to all major vendors worldwide.


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Brand New Book Cover For The Uncertain Cuckold

Here is the brand new book cover for The Uncertain Cuckold. I think this one is much more eye-catching than the previous one. What do you think?


I’m currently rewriting The Unchained Cuckold, and I expect to have it published in the next couple of weeks. Thank you everyone for your support and patience.

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The Unchained Cuckold update

Hi folks,

I’m currently writing chapter 28, which I’m finding almost excruciating. I’m having to draw on a painful experience from my own past to explain the feelings of the characters involved. On the plus side, I think it’s coming across as authentic, which is always something I’m pleased to be complemented on and often have been in reviews of the previous books.

As I’ve said before, Unchained is taking longer to write than its predecessors. That is because it is a deeper, more intense write. Hopefully long-term fans will find this the best book so far in The Uncertain Cuckold series.

I had planned for it to be out in March, but I think April is more realistic given the rewrites I’ll have to after the first draft.

Have faith in me, people! I will come through! I always do! And in the meantime, why not check out The Christmas Exhibition if you haven’t already?

Do it!


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I’ve joined Facebook

Should I feel shame? Maybe.

Should I feel jubilation? Perhaps not.

How do I feel? Er… Numb?

Anyway, folks, here we are flying through February, and I’ve finally surrendered to the pressure to join Facebook. You can find me at and add me as a friend, if you like.

I’m not too sure how often I’ll use it. But it’s there now. Let’s see how it goes.

I’m still writing The Unchained Cuckold, book 5 in The Uncertain Cuckold series. I should finish chapter 17 today. It’s Matt’s birthday, and whether he believes it or not he’s going to have a blast. I just hope he has enough stamina to last the day.

I hope you’re all well. Anyone sticking to their New Year’s resolution? I can’t even remember if I made one. If it was to eat or drink less… I’m failing. On a plus note, I did buy two belts last week. One has a Superman belt buckle, and the other is a Sean John… Which is a little more designer than a Sean Bean.

Take care all.


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